The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 4

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 4 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Hildegard Knef- ich wart auf die Nacht


This soul funk masterpiece by Hilde was released in 1971 on the Worum Geht’s Hier Eigentlich? in It has a great mix of Schlager, funky, soul and a fellow intense folky verse. Masterpiece, I say. Great piece of lost german pop. Fun fact, she was backed the lounge stylings of Les Humphries and his singers from the UK

France Gall – Alle reden von der Liebe


This was the b-side to the 1968 German single by France Gall (which was Computer nr.3 by the way). This was not the first time France recorded in German putting out a whole LP plus various versions of her hits including a great version of Poupée de cire, poupée de son in German (Das war eine schöne Party (“That Was a Nice Party”). I like the track because it is jaunty, the kind of track you would play at a 1968 party just to get people dancing. Sorry, it is bit crackly, it is a really old original LP.

Claude Francois – Magnolias for ever


Ah, the tragic story of Claude Francois. This brilliant disco track from 1978 sold hand over fist in France. This was a huge hit, but often ignored by the fans of the orchestrated seventies pop classics. I had totally forgotten about this song until i was reminded by a friend and went, perfect for this show, hidden gem, never played at Babypop.

Serge Gainsbourg – Discophoteque


Serge gets funky in this 1977 track from the Madam Claude soundtrack. This is Gainsbourg doing disco, doing Birkin, produced by Jean-Pierre Sabar. Have you finished dancing yet?

Françoise Hardy – L’amour de privee


Let’s wrap up our seventies explorations with the delightful Ms Hardy from her 1973 LP Message Personnel. Written by Serge Gainsbourg and Jean Claude Vannier, this funky piece was written for the soundtrack of the movie Projection Privee from the same year which featured acting talents of one Jane Birkin. And the circle shall remain unbroken!

Monty – Le fête au village


This is the €1 thriller, from 1970 and the b-side to the rather fey ‘Pour Une Marionette’. This killer track was engineered by the master himself, Bernard Estardy (he of La Formule Du Baron fame). This is nicely funky in places and is quite rarity in the Monty catalogue. Who is Monty I hear you say? an original yé-yé singer in the sixties, he rarely reached the heights of the Lucky Blondos of the world. But this song, what a legacy.

i satelliti – Che ore Sono


A piece of rare Italian beat from 1967, I found this single for 50p in Sister Ray in London where they had these boxes of Italian jukebox singles that no-one had picked through. I got so many cool Italian gems including this double A-side.

Los TNT – Dos Chicas para mi

los tnt

1964. Why wouldn’t you do a Jan and Dean cover in regional Uruguay Noted beach territory. This track on the fabulous Belter label is not a direct translation, but it is tres cool. Si. Oh did I mention, Uruguay?

Antoine – Ma Fête Foraine


One of the great ‘lost’ Antoine tracks, this EP came out in 1966 on red vinyl, I love the fuzz guitar, dinky keyboards and phased vocals, a slight masterpiece

Le Système Crapoutchik – Flop


Released in 1970, this prog-folk-psych mashup lived up to its name, although the band itself famously backed the might Dutronc on many of sixties hits. Rare as hens teeth, the two LSC records received much warranted reissues in 2011, which I have to confess, this comes from.

Jacques Dutronc – L’Idole

I absolutely love this song. Definitely not one you can play at clubs, but the chorus is so rocking, counterpointed by the meditative verse. Released in 1967, this dark intense piece reflects on his own fame. Check out the lyric…

I can’t stand it anymore
They will kill me
Yes they got me
I will die
I beg you to help me
Find a will to live
I implore you to help me
I beat my head against the walls

I can’t take it anymore
I will cry
I am fucked (ruined)
They will kill me
Help! Help! Help!

That’s it for this show, check us out again in a month or so. Spread the word. Find more of those €1 thrillers and keep digging, the shellac is out there. Au Revoir!

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