The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 5

We are back for 2016, enjoy the ride.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Show 5 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Cris Caroll – Fiche Le Camp Jack (Hit the Road Jack)


Released in 1961 on the Festival label, this is a delightful piece of early sixties twist, with a great handclap solo. 

Diana – Folle de Toi


This was her 3rd single, released in 1964, accompanied by the French beat band Les Pygmées.  It is quirky little tune, don’t you think?

Jacques Filh – Ciao


What do I know about Monsieur Filh? Basically, I know about the one song we play at Babypop, which is called Wraaaach!!! which generally scares the crap out of people and often empties the dance floor.  This song is different, it has a funky organ break before it changes completely at the chorus.  It was released in 1966. Apologies for the clicks at the start.

Antoine – Chanson Devant La Photo De Mon Idole (A song to the picture of my idol)


Time to slow it down, with the majesty of Antoine.  Normally known for his pseudo Dylan rants or his amazing psych tracks, this laid back piece came out in 1967. An amazing trumpet solo ensues. The EP has one of his minor psych masterpieces (Le Marchand De Temps)

Michel Delpech – La Vie, La Vie


A tribute the late Michel Delpech and a single from 1971.  I know we have played it before, but it is such a cool track.  Apprporiately it translates as Life, Life, Vale

The Bobbies – Eleanor Rigby


Oh the seventies, so funky.  And it brings you this weird cover of the Beatles classic. I can’t say anymore

Los Brincos – The Train (el tren)

los brincos

Time for some Spanish Byrds pastiche from Los Brincos.  Often called the Spanish beatles, Los Brincos were one of the most successful Spanish bands of all time.  This track from 1967 featured a new lineup and slightly similarity to the Who’s Substitute.

Sandie Shaw – Marionetas en la cuerda


Yes. It is Sandie Shaw. in Spanish. Barefoot on the cover.  What is there not to love?

Eileen – Ni Jamais


Noted cover artist of Lee Hazlewood songs, this track is no difference.  Released in 1967, it is a cover of the Nancy Sinatra song ‘So long babe’.  Eileen is a highly underrated ye-ye singer and her EPs are decidedly inexpensive.  Get them before people realise.

Shocking Blue – Harley Davidson


Dutch psych legends Shocking Blue rock out with the hogs out. I have borrowed this from a great compile called ‘How pink are those elephants over there?’released in the early 70s on the Pink Elephant label.

Sullivan – Comme un Poisson Dans L’Eau


Usually represented at clubs and on compiles by the deep sitar psych that is Haschish-Faction, this cool sixties track is closer to the style of the rest of his catalogue. That is not a criticism mind.  Little known fact, he used to be a member “les Problemes’, the band that first featured the aforementioned Antoine

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