The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 9

francew 3

Nous ne sommes pas des anges – France Gall

Written by Serge Gainsbourg this cool little belter was released in 1965 on the L’Amerique EP. This song was written especially for France Gall by Serge, and was one the last before the relationship crashed and burnt in the wake of Les Sucettes (watch the doco if you can)

les gams

Il a le truc – Les Gam’s

A lovely piece of girl group pop, a french language cover of the Exciters song ‘He’s got the power’ written by Ellie Greenwich. Released in 1963 this is a great little number. I think Les Gam’s are underrated and this would fill most dance floors. And for what’s it worth, you can find this single for under couple of euro.


Les Élucubrations D’Antoine – Antoinette

This little cracker is a cover of the Antoine song of the same name released in 1966. This is a great example of the exploitation genre and specifically of the satire that this Antoine song generated, which included (allegedly) the song et moi, et moi et moi written by Dutronc as a riposte the self centred lyrics of the song. The lyrics are pretty damned cool and include a few taunts at the expense of Johnny Hallyday.


Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi – Jacques Dutronc

I know, I know, breaking a show rule, playing one of the Babypop crew’s favourite dance floor fillers by why the hell not when it is this damned song? It really doesn’t get too much better than this. The lyrics are sharp as a tack, the singing is snarling and the instrumentation can’t be faulted. This is simply one of the best songs of the sixties. Hands down.


Farbstifte – Zsuzsa Koncz

Hungarian pop with this track from the former DDR in the form of this 1971 song released on the state label Amiga. Zsuzsa has put out dozens of records and singles, still recording to this day and is a folk hero in Hungary with many of her lyrics critical of the communist government. A great track with lots of semi=psych moments.


La Di Di La Di Da – Cleo

Cleo is a wonderfully idiosyncratic addition to the swinging mademoiselles catalogue. This is a deep LP cut from her only LP, released in South Africa in 1967. However, for the fans of the genre, she is best known for a little track called Moi, Et Toi, Et Soie, which is a dance floor slayer.


Ludzie mòwia – Zdzislawa Sosnicka

1974 brought us this Polish classic, full of funky breaks. This is a lost treasure of a record and commands a pretty penny in good condition. Why wouldn’t it, check the break on this track!

les sunlights

Gadget Suspect – Les Sunlights

Onto some nice dirty garage now from Les Sunlights from 1967. Les Sunlights were originally put together by a couple of Sardinian brothers. They are really a patchy offer, with tracks varying from dross to great garage beat like this.


Bosonoga Sendi (Marioneta) – Olivera Vu?o

Puppet on a String. In Yugoslav. What else could it be? And that is what we bring you. On my copy of the sleeve someone has written next to this track and the b-side (Moj Je Ceo Svet) the word ‘HOT’. Maybe. Oh, she is.


Viva el Amor – Sandie Shaw

Why not follow the Yugoslav cover of her song, with Ms Shaw doing a cover of her own song, in Español.


Hit-Parade – Johnny Hallyday

On the same 1968 EP that gave us Mal, here is the cool track written by Tommy Brown and arranged by Mick Jones (later of Foreigner). Great pics of Hallyday portraying many characters aligned to the songs.

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