The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 11

Welcome to 2017 and the first episode of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  For those on your first show, welcome! For those returning, thanks for coming back. We are looking forward to another year of amazing, deep, funky and sometimes just plain weird French and European 60s and 70s cuts, brought to you by the Babypop crew. Quickly, to reflect on the premise of the show.  Babypop, a French 60s DJ crew want to play stuff we wouldn’t normally drop on the dance floor but we still LOVE. Cue the decks, cue the vinyl and cue the breaks and beats.


Marlya Rodowicz – Ludzie Kocham Was

We start this show on a Polish bent and the funky sounds of Maryla Rodowicz.  This track comes from the 1970 album by Maryla Rodowicz I Jej Gitarzy?ci and their LP ?yj Mój ?wiecie (roughly translating as Live My World)


Giorgio Moroder – Watch your step

German disco meister does hard rocking bubblegum from 1971, rocks out with his metronome out. This is the result. This is the b-side from the Underdog single, this is a great single. This. Rocks. Hard


Variations – Free Me

Talking of rocks hard, it is time for some French Deep Purple and the hard rock stylings of Variations. We played the other side of this slab a few shows back, but we liked it so much we had to play the A-Side.


Los Brincos – Un Sorbito de champagne

The Spanish Beatles. Apparently. This lovely Beatle-esque track comes from 1966, when the Beatles themselves had move onto something different. Still pretty cool though. 


Los Stop – Molino al Viento

Released on Belter in 1967, this 1967 piece of girl pop is pretty cool. It is from an original, slightly scratched EP.  I went on the hunt in Spain for some odd, rare Belter stuff and found this in a record store in San Sebastian. It took my fancy.


Arlette Zola – Embrassons-Nous

One of the ‘minor’ Swinging Madamoiselles, this track comes from a 1968 EP.  You can find her real Swinging stuff on compiles like Ultra Chicks and Tres Chic (on the RPM label).


Jocelyne – Les Garcons

Normally known the absolute belter (La La La La) which is also on this EP, we present for you the actual A-Side of this 1964 EP.  Originally written by Paul Anka this lovely little early 1960s piece is so cool. La La La La is a great night filler, gets people grooving and grinding to something that sounds more soul than it should.


Jacques Dutronc – Proverbes

Released in 1968, this moody B-Side is often ignored.  The singing style is reminiscent of Polnareff and runs counters to the more French style tracks on the EP.  Recently comped as part of the 69 Année Mélodique LP which features lost b-sides of the sixties and seventies. Worth digging out that.


Lucio Battisti – Confusione

LB is one of DJ Kuracs fave Italian singers named Lucio. Really, he loves the dude.  The Italian Polnareff apparently.  This is a great song from 1972 LP Il Mio Canto Libero is a great early seventies pop song, beautifully recorded.  Loving it.


Eddy Mitchell – Te Voici

Featuring Jimmy Page, yes Jimmy PAGE, this lovely little rocking ditty takes us out for this show. From 1963, this is Eddy Mitchell at his best. Swinging, crooning and rocking. 

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