The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 12

Les Hallucinations D’Edouard – Edouard
Vendredi M’onséde – Erik Saint Laurent
Renacerá – Los Brincos
No, No, No, No – The Sorrows
Buenas Vibraciones – Los Mustang
Oui J’ai Peur (IsEdouard It True) – Jocelyne
Boofff – Monique Thubert
Garde-Moi Dans Ta Poche – Sylvie Vartan
Viens Danser Le Twist – Johnny Hallyday
Let’s Twist Again – Johnny Hallyday (en français et anglais)
J’aurai sa fille – Eddy Mitchell
Les roses Fanées – Jacques Dutronc

This track engenders so many covers, mainly I think because of the arrogance of the original by Antoine. this one comes from 1966 and the sarcastic mastery that is Edouard. And the second cover we have played this brilliant song. Next up, Erik Saint Laurent and his cover of the Easybeats classic Friday on my Mind. I love this simply because this song is part of my Australian DNA.

An original 1966 track from Spain’s Los Brincos now. I love the fuzz guitar on this one. As always, quietly affordable. Also in the same price braclet is this garage blaster from Italy’s The Sorrows from 1966. Awesome. Finally, we have Spain’s Los Javaloyas and their cover of the Beach Boys Good Vibrations from 1967. It is not a Brian Wilson production.

Yé-Yé time and the wonderful Jocelyne to start with. This track comes from the the 1964 EP which has the classic La La La La on it. This is originally a track from the UK singer Brenda Lee. Another classic Yé-Yé Ep, this time by Monique Thubert and the classic track ‘Avec Les Oreilles’. On this show, because we don’t rock the obvious, we are playing the other track on this EP called Boofff. Enjoy. And finally in this bracket the sublime Sylvie Vartan from 1966 and her cover the Four Tops “I can’t help myself’. Totally brilliant.

I know Johnny is ailing but god damned he tried so hard at the Les Vieilles Canailles with Dutronc and Mitchell. He just isn’t as cool as Dutronc but who cares, he is a true French legend and this is two versions of the Chubby Checker classic, in Anglais and Français. Respect. We may as well finish with two track from the other old men. Lets start with Eddy Mitchell who held the show together and his cover of the CCR track ‘Down on the corner’ from 1970, orchestrated by the master Jean-Claude Petit. Finally, written by Serge Gainsbourg, this sexy slice comes from 1975 features the sexy whisperings of Jane Birkin. Sexy. sexy, sexy.

we will back in a month with another GBU, enjoy this one with love from the Babypop crew.

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