The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 14

No doubt it has been ages since we did a show.  You can blame any manner of things. Michel Barnier. Theresa May. Leave voting seats. We could go on, but Kurac is bored already. So, let’s just say, we are back baby, and spinning all the dirty vinyl we can lay our paws on. And we start with….

Suena Una Guitara
Los Mitos

From Bilbao in Basque Country, Los Mitos released this track on Hispavox in 1970. They put out a much slower version in 2010, but this one bangs hard.

Nunca Hay Bastante

Released in 1965 this Spanish beat song was one of 17 singles by pop diva Adriangela who was described by Wikipedia as being ‘…recognized for her hairstyles, different from those of other artists, taking her higher to fame.’

Zum Zum Zum
Sylvie Vartan

One of Sylvie’s Italian chanson tracks, released in 1968 and backed with the slower but better Baby Capone, Zum Zum Zum (translated from the German as ‘to the, to the, to the) has both a German and Italian release.

Tu fais tres tien ce qui te plait
Joële Gilles

A cover of Sweet Impossible You (made famous by Brenda Lee, this 1964 track features the orchestrations of one Michel Colombier. Sweet ye-ye (and apologies for the little skip)

César et la Romains

Covering the Barrett Strong classic in French, this track was released in 1968 on the Citation label aimed squarely at the French Canadian market. This is from the 7″

Bluejean Bop
Eddy Mitchell

Some rockabilly by the King of French pop, Eddy Mitchell. Coming from 1963, this old Gene Vincent song was backed by the London All Stars featuring (potentially) Andy White and Jimmy Page. Like almost everything of that era!

Chez les yé-yé
Serge Gainsbourg

Cooler than cooler Serge track here from 1964, the house of yé yé apparently

Don’t try to catch a river
Aphrodite’s Child

Yes, oh yes, we have dived back into the well of Demis and Vangelis and gone deep with this B-side of their 1968 smash Rain and Tears. Prog and psych to the max, this Greek turned French band are seriously heavy. Dig it

Antoine rencontre Les Problemes

Can’t go past this 1966 belter. I could have played any number of tracks off this EP, but went with this. We play it often and it is best left for the very hardy or slightly David Byrne friendly to dance to.

Aurore Cosmic
Popere Cosmic

A 1969 Sitar psych mindblower to f*ck with your brain. This is Popere Cosmic and their classic (and much comped) Aurore Cosmic, and soz to those who wanted the original, this has come from the Finders Keepers reissue. I don’t have that much cash, not since Brexit

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