The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 15

Welcome back to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, a podcast playing tracks from the deepest darkest corner of the Babypop psyche, going so deep into crates some of the records still have marks, francs, tires and shillings on the price tags. This show we criss-cross Europe with tracks from Italy, Germany, Hungary, France and a side trip to Mexico. However, we start the show with a cover of the Dustry Springfield classic, I only want to be with you by French band Les Surfs…for all the tracks, skip across to our website baby enjoy!

A present tu peux t’en aller – Les Surfs

\French pop sung by a group of singers from Madagascar couln’t get any better, unles sit was filtered through the deft tones of Dustry Springfield, thand there you have this amazing cover of “I only wan’t to be with you’ from 1964

E’inutile – Mina

Released in 1963 this cute little chanson track comes from one of most prolific of the Italian singers (a woman who has released over 110 LPs in her time)

Pourquoi Pas Moi – Stella

A great old Stella track, always fun to spin. This yé-yé classic can be found on the STella LP (reissued many times), the original EP (not too hard to find) and this 1973 compile released on the Pye label in the UK (along with tracks by Françoise, Les Cyclones and Petula)

Pa’Diglielo A Ma’ – Nada

Classic Italian pop moment here from 1970. Found this little gem in a 50 euro cent bin at a record store in Florence. Thought she looked cute and it was not too 1970s. What a score?

Visioni – Santi Latora all’organo professional

This is a hidden classic from this LP by Santi Latora ?called Professional. So damned groovy, I think we might drop a needle on it next time we play.

L’arcidiavolo- Armando Trovajoli e I Marc 4

From the 1966 soundtrack by the master composer Armando Trovajoli and played by the band I Marc 4, this has been comped a few times around the traps. Wirth getting your hands on.

LSD Partie – Roland Vincent

My cheat track for the show, taken from a compile LP rather than the original vinyl, this funky track is from the soundtrack to the movie Delphine and is worthy an absolute motza. One day he says shaking his fist and wallet


Cancion Del Mar – Los Castro

Cannot find a thing out about this LP. I found it in a backstreet record stories in the Roma district of Mexico City. It looks late 1960s but is dated 1973. They put out tracks also as Los Hermanos Castro right back from the early 1960s. Legendary, apparently

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye – Tanja Berg

From the exploitation rich LP Die Grosse Star Parade released in 1970 and also a single for Tanja Berg, this cover of the soul classic and bingo ad soundtrack absolutely belts, schlager style

Egy blondes alom – Kati Kovacs

From the 1970 Hungarian state label Qualiton LP called Suttogva ?s Kiab?lva (Whispering and Shouting), legendary singer Kati Kovacs doing what she does best – singing this hipster track. Iron Curtain yé-yé

Brul Pas Tes Doights – Michel Legrand

Paying tribute to the late Michel Legrand who died in January this year, we have this beat track from his 1964 LP Chante. vale

Until next time, viszontlátásra


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