The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 17

Welcome to the bank holiday weekend edition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly brought to you by at least one member of the Babypop crew. The others are either asleep in the backyard or on a retreat on the fringes of western society trying ‘find themselves’.

Jacques Dutronc – On Rous Cache tut, on nous Dit `rien
Nino Ferrer – A Bande á Ferrer
Ronnie Bird – Tu Ne Sais Pas

Let’s start with a triple threat from the blokes, and we have 1967 Dutronc stonker, which was backed in Germany with Les Playboys, kilelr double. Next up, we have Nino Ferrer and another in his self-referential series and the classic A Bande á Ferrer. Finally, a track from the 196 Ronnie Bird EP and this mod classic (a cover of See See Rider).

Jocelyne – La Vie C’est Bon
Sheila – “la Famille
Interviews with Sheila ad Ray Charles

Next up, some proper yé-yé from Jocelyne and her debut EP from 1964. Born in Tunis, Jocelyne is probably best known for the track Nitty Gritty, which has been comped to death. Next up, Sheila. Someone we rarely play. Her singles are everywhere, they sold like hotcakes and were dumped like cold hotcakes. This is a track from her 1967 EP of the same name. We follow this up with some interviews with Sheila, and then for a random reason, Ray Charles, I love the translation action in this one.

Johnny Hallyday – Hey Joe
Johnny Hallyday – Le Rock ’n Roll C’est Comme Ça

Onto Johnny, can’t ask for much more. Hey Joe from 1967 and a track from his 1981 LP Pas Facile, which is noted for the cover a muscled Johnny arm wresting himself/ Muscles won.

Jess and James – Move
Les Sunlights – Tanti Amici
Kili Jacks – Tout ca c’est du vent

We finish the show with three tracks from Belgium, where I will be ib a week enjoying beer and frites in Bruges. We have a soul mover fro, two Portuguese brothers who relocated to Belge in the late 60s. We then have Belgian beat band Les Sunlights back on the show after their Show 16 blaster, and finally a rare track from the best band Kili Jacks which I cannot find any info other than off the compile I have included above (and that its from 1965, four years after this beat bands peak)

And with that sound ringing in our ears, off to next month, and hopefully a big batch of new tracks after two weeks trawling the record bins of Europe.

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