The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 20

Welcome to 2021! We have a huge year planned of deep cuts, rare stuff, crate dug goodies, things that costs a few euro cents to the scarce of the scarce.  It won’t all be gold, but it will be banging.  Whatever the case, we have dropped some mighty tracks on this show, so let’s start.


Mon Petit Doight – Gigliola Cinquetti

From a 1968 EP by the Italian singer, now TV presenter and journalist.

Yes -Peppino di Capri

Also Italian, Peppino di Capri was one of the original rock stars, with his band the Rockers before going onto a long chanson career. This comes from a 1963 EP (which is the Spanish release on Belter). Apologies, it is a little crackly. This is one of those singles you buy cheap, have a quick look and then get it home to find a chunk is missing from the outside of the record. So I wanted to include it simply to make it worth the 50 euro cents I paid for it!

En Chômage – Jean Bernard De Libreville

Also released in 1966 by Algerian born pop singer, Jean Bernard De Libreville, this song has picked up popularity amongst crate digging chanson freaks (like us). Cheating here, as this is from a Belgian reissue put out by the great record stores in Brussels called Veals and Geeks.

Que Faites-vous Dans La Vie? – Daniel Beretta

What do you do for a living? asks one half of the dancefloor filling duo of Bordeaux and Beretta on his 1970 single. Apparently, Daniel Beretta has dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger in all of his French films. There you go, trivia for the day.

Rendez-vous En Enfer – Johnny Hallyday

Viso d’angelo – Giampaolo

Z’Avez Pas Lu Kafka – Suzanne Gabriello

Un anno d’amore – Mina

Mirza – Arno

Danza primitiva – Piero Umiliani

Jefe Ironside – Los Mismos

And then he said, as he always does, until next time, and if you like the show, tell your friends.

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