The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (show 17.5) – Soirée à la maison le samedi soir. LIVE!

The Babpypop crew bring you a one off (until next time) DJ night, broascast live on Facebook Saturday 4th April. Featuring a hand picked set of all vinyl (by handpicked, we mean what Ringfinger could find in the first box or two in his garage, we decided that who cares if we are all in confinement, we all needed a soirée à la maison le samedi soir. So, here it is. We start and end the set with our usual tracks, Little Darlin’ by Biolay and the crazy majesty of Piplette by Polnareff. And in the middle you get a smattering of hits, rare tracks and superlative bangers. Some of it is original vinyl and others are compiles. I know, I know, but can you afford the $500 for a copy ofJ’ai Des Problèmes Decidement by Violane??

Little Darlin’ – Benjamin Biolay
En Melody – Serge Gainsbourg
Soul Tage – Mehrpouya
Psychedelic – Johnny Hallyday
Dodecaphonie – Antoine ert Les Problemet
Roller Girl – Anna Karina
7 Heures de Martin – Jacqueine Taieb
J’ai Des Problèmes Decidement – Violane
C’est Le Mode – Annie Phillipe
Baby Pop – France Gall
Avec les Orielles – Monique Thubert
Ba Ba Ba Boof – Pussycat
Les Cactus – Jacques Dutronc
Le Mouche – Michel Polnareff
Psyche Rock – Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier
Marie Douceur – Marie Coloré – Marie Laforet
Heureux tous les deux – Frank Alamo
Catch a Falling Star – Francoise Hardy
Twist et chante – Sylvie Vartan
Impatiente – Les Gams avec Annie Marran
Piplette – Michel Polnareff

It is a bit rough and ready, but fun to do all the same. We all miss our friends and colleagues in other parts of the world and we miss wandering around Paris, hanging out at our fave wine bar in the 12th (Le Baron Rouge, on the Rue Théophile Rousse) and generally being with people we love. Obe day we will be back there, celebrating with people in Parism London, Dublin, The Hague, Helsinki and all over the world (as well as with all our peeps here in Sydney).

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