The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 18

We are back baby! After a long hiatus, the Babypop collectif had returned to drop some new show, digging deep into the crates of the rare and unheard. On this show we forswear vinyl and pilot our mothership into reissues and CDs we have picked up over the years. Sure its cheating, but hey, when do I have a spare 250 euro to drop? Actually, as with most of the tracks on this show, many of these singles are pretty cheap. Next record fair post COVID, we will see you there Utrecht! 

Stercok _ Jacques Dutronc

L’entage voyage de Brendwood – Michel Columbier

Je lis dans tes yeux – Danielle Denim

Back in the USSR – Chriss and the Stroke

Tu non Sai – Cuccioli

Trop Tard -les 5 Gentlemen

Holidays – Sylvie Vartan

Holidays – Bertrand Burgalat

Looking for You – Nino Ferrer





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