The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 19

Two in a row, what is this? A record? We roll out another set of absolute bangers including tracks from Gainsbourg and Birkin, Italian soundtrack madness, some jugopop from Grupo 220, yé-yé from France Loubert, some Massiera psych and the French soundtrack to Hair. Streaming, flaxen and waxen. What more could a show want? How about a paen to the glory of the bars on London? YOU GOT IT!

Quand On M’aime Un Peu – France Loubert

 London’s Bar – Bordeaux and Beretta

Requiem Pour on Con – Serge Gainsbourg

Di Doo Dah – Jane Birkin

Bizarre – Les Chats

Hair – Cast Recording France

Funky dla Franki -Laboratorium 

Novi Dani uz Stare Bridge -Grupo 220

Se Spaessi Mio Caro – Valeria Mongardini

Let’s Find out (Original Main Title) – Armando Trovaioli

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