The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #25

We are back for another 30 mins of rocking French, Euro and global sixties garage, beat, yéyé and pop bangers. This is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly podcast brought to you by your Babypop crew  and turntabled into shape by Dj Ringfinger himself.

Mashed Potato Time – Johnny Hallyday
Oh! Wow wow wee – Les Gam’s
Le Blue Beat – Miriam Martin
Candy – Les Rhythmos
Mexico – Les Mersey’s
Les Héros Modernes (gadgets) – Gregory
Les Filles en Sucre d’orge – Ronnie Bird
Noir c’est Noir – Jenny Rock
Walking the Dog – Jenny Rock
Le Kangarou – Ginette Sage
Les Filles du Soleil – Christine Delaroche
Marilu – Serge Gainsbourg

Let’s start this show with some proper sixties cuts with Johnny Hallyday doing the Mashed Potato and Le Gam’s going Oh! Wow! from 1964.

Next up, a couple of Canadian beat groups in the form of Les Rythmos and Les Merseys, the former featuring an original cut and the latter using the Van Morrison and layering completely idd and different lyrics over the top.

Two tracks from France now. We start with Gregory (we usually play his classic drug song, LSD at club nights). This song is on the same eP in France but on the Canadian single comes without the classic LSD, saving me at least 50 euros. Then the Ronnie Bird (the French Steve Marriot?) also comes without a classic track on the Canadian version, missing La Surprise written by Mick Jones later of Foreigner. I have put the French EP sleeves here because they look cooler!

Double Jenny zRock, all the way from Quebec. I love Jenny Rock. Her covers are always so sublime and raunchy.  Especially her cover of Mal, which is just crazy (see YouTube below). We have two tracks here, her cover of the Hallyday classic Noir C’est Noir and then her version Walking the Dog. But then you have that video of Mail. Wow.

Two French yéyé girls to round  out this. Ginette Sage is a regular feature of many french girls comps and her track about a marsupial from down under, and then a regular on this show. Christine Delaroche all the way from 1966.


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