The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #26

Welcome to another episode of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly brought to you by your favourite French DJ crew, Babypop, spinning cool tracks and rocking cool bangs since 1963.

Utan att fråga – Kenta
Don’t – Doris
Dear Prudence – Doug Parkinson in Focus
Penny Lane – Les Sinners
Mon nom est Edouard – Edouard
Je veux etres noir – Nino Ferrer
Dejame Pensar en Mi – Los Angeles
Ecoutez – Elsa
Dansons le blue beat – Myriam Martin
La Poupee qui fait non – Les Sultans
Hey Joe! (Live)- Johnny Hallyday

Let’s kick this show off in the late 1970s with his debut single, Utan Att Fråga which translates from the original Swedish as ‘without asking’. Not sure of the wokeness of that. And then we have another Swedish banger, from 1970 and the amazing Doris (rare as höns tänder).

Two Beatles covers next. First up Aussie Doug Parkinson In Focus and his psychedelic cover of Dear Prudence of the Beatles White Album from 1970 and French Canadian beat band Les Sinners from 1967, with their cover of Penny Lane.

Two French blokes from 1966. First up Edouard with his parody act of Antoine (he and every other comedian at the time it seems) and then we have the sublime Nino Ferrer and Je veux etres noi (which is backed by his version of the James Brown Classic, It’s a mans, mans world). Both copies here are the Canadian version of the single.

A one off here, and an early Spanish pop group, finding his way in the early seventies and Los Angeles with their guitar heavy track Dejame Pensar en Mi.

Two yéyé numbers next up. We have the amazing and rare Elsa with her classic Ecoutez and big band version of Canadian singer Myriam Martin’s  Le Blue Beat. Both cool.


And we round out the show with two very different but equally cool covers. We start with Quebec band Les Sultans and their cover of Polnareff’s debut single Le Poupee Qui Fait Non followed by a live version of Hey Hoe by the master Johnny Hallyday at the Palais des Sports, recorded in  1976.


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