The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #30

Would you believe that we have now hit 30 shows of this fine podcast? So much vinyl, so many bangers and so little Kurac and SCSI-b. On this show we cut swathes across the sixties (and early seventies) by crashing the party with double Dutronc. The first comes from his 1972 LP and the second a remix from his 1984 LP.  He is Dutronc and he can do no wrong. Next up, three songs from the fringes of the genre. We start with Jan-Bernard De Libreville, an Algerian born psych  player, and a track from the Veals and Geeks (a great record store in Brussels) released compile of all his released work. Then we have the crazy head of Jean-Pierre Massiera and Maledictus Sound from 1968. Finally in tis little trio we have composer Jean-Pierre Mirouze and a track from the 1973 rock opera Attention! We move to some more obscure chanson now from two under-appreciated sings ( Aurelia from 1965 and Liz Sarian from 1967). And then we have the mastery that is France Gall and her classic Laisse Tomber Les Filles covered by April March (as Chick Habit) and originally released in 1964 and written by Serge Gainsbourg. Four tacks to finish the show now.. A cover of the Beatles Sgt Peppers by Los Mustang  from 1968 and the first single by Los Bravos (who did Black is Black later) from 1966 in English. Then we head to Berlin, Germany for some beat by Drafi Deutscher and His Magics and their 1965 hit. And finally it’s the 11th single from Johnny Hallyday and a 1963 cover the classic Shadows track from the Young Ones movie. We shall be back next month with a selection of new tracks from deep on the crates, courtesy of our podcast friend Instant Party!

Vie Privée, Domaine Public – Jacques Dutronc
Merde in France (Remix) – Jacques Dutronc

Hey Baby – Jean-Bernard De Libreville
Inside my Brain – Les Maledictus Sound
Le Taureau – Jean-Pierre Mirouze

Amour Au Feu Rouge – Aurelia
Je Te Regarde – Liz Sarian

Laisse Tomber Les Filles – France Gall

Sargento Peppers – Los Mustang
Going Nowhere – Los Bravos

Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht – Drafi Deutscher And His Magics
Dis-Moi Oui – Johnny Hallyday

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