The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #31

Let’s hear it for the Homme. Welcome to another edition of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, brought to you by your Babypop crew of lockdown beat freaks. On this show, we continue playing through the great haul dug from the deep crates of Instant Party from France, and this collection of vinyl just keeps on giving.

We start the show with two whacked out Henri Salvador masterpieces, the first from 1972 and the second from 1968. You can never go wrong with a HS single, there is always something amazing to discover in the work of this musical genius and giant of chanson.

Henri Salvador – Sex Man
Henri Salvador – Beta Gamma L’ordinateur

The next two tracks are orchestral in nature, we start with Claude Puterflam (of Le Système Crapoutchik, who had backed Dutronc at various times) with a prog classic from 1969 and the 1975 soft rock version of Michel Polnareff from another of his self-titled albums

Claude Puterflam – Détachez-moi les bras
Michel Polnareff – Fame á la mode

A couple of soundtracks singles now, the first from the master of the french jazz-funk soundtrack, François De Roubaix and a single from the 1969 film of the same name starring Alain Delon and the second from the soundtrack to the 1970 film Candy by Chaps, a studio band formed by Jean Chaponet.

François De Roubaix – Poursuite a Anvers
Chaps – Constant Journey

Let’s round out this show with some psych/prog spanning several bands. We start with Jean Cohen-Solal Accompagné Par Les Cosmos Generation  and their 1971 free jazz epic Cyclical Game. Then we head to 1972 and Dynastie Crisis, a psych band who put out several LPs and singles, backed Polnareff and got famous on the back of one of their songs being on the Oceans Twelve soundtrack. Next up Moebius Bottle, a French rock band who put out this track in 1971 as the middle one of their three singles. And finally, we have Labryinthe, a pop band formed in Paris in 1970 and the b-side of their final single release din 1971

Cosmos Generation – Cyclical Game
Dynastie Crisis- Le Monde Eclate
Moebius Bottle – It’s a good day
Labyrinthe – Il Faut Croire a L’Amour

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