The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Show 2

Tu dis toujours oui – Stella
C’est Pas Prudent- Alice Dona
LSD Partie – Roland Vincent
Inside my brain – Les Maledictus Sound
Riviere…ouvre ton lit – Johnny Hallyday
C’est lettre La – Sylvie Vartan
La Vie, La Vie – Michel Delpech
Trama Nella Metropoli – Marc 4
No – Mina
Baluba Shake – Brunetta e i soui Balubas
L’Anamour – Francoise Hardy


Welcome to the second show of this podcast series, once again presented to you by DJ Ringfinger on behalf of the Babypop crew. We start the show with the amazing talent that is Stella. Released in June 1966 on the Un Air Du Folklore Auvergnat EP, this is a cool little swinger with a nice jaunty piano line and the translated title of ‘You always say yes’. Not one of Stella’s hits, it has a charm that highlights her unique style.


Alice Dona is one of the earlier ye-ye singers (releasing this EP in 1963). This is a complex hully gully style track (it is not safe) which was written by Dona herself. Quite rare in those days, especially with ye-ye.


Onto some orchestra-xploitation now with Roland Vincent. A bandmaster who put out a heap of easy listening compilations, this track is quite the opposite. It is so damned funky it might just burn your face off. Released in 1969 as part of the Delphine soundtrack, this dusty fingered classic was reissued in 2009 and has been comped a number of times (including the Shake Sauvage compile on Crippled Dick Hot Wax!). It also featured in the soundtrack of Oceans Twelve.


Now into the twisted brain of Jean-Pierre Massiera, the mastermind behind Les Maledictus Sound. From Montreal, Canada this instrumental whack throws in everything including the kitchen sink. It is truly nuts.


Here is the first appearance of the master Johnny Hallyday on the show. This lead track from his 1969 self-titled album is so hard and so psych it is not funny. This is by far my favourite Johnny album. Engineered by the legendary Glyn Johns and produced by Mick Jones (later from Foreigner) and Tommy Brown of the legendary backing band ‘The Blackburds’ this track sets the tone for this French psych masterpiece.

vartan lettre

This 1965 Vartan track was written by Tommy Brown and features Mick Jones on guitar (busy weren’t they?). It is slinky piece that certainly shows another side to the Vartan canon.


And now, for something completely different. This weeks cheap single (25 cents in a shop in Brussels) is Michel Delpech. Released in 1971, this track presaged the sound of the mid 70s, and was written and produced by the aforementioned Roland Vincent…more like a campari partie!

marc 4

Marc 4 were a prodigious Italian band starting in the late sixties and sometimes featuring noted soundtrack composer Armando Trovaioli. This slow burner piece of Italian jazz was released in 1976 and has been comped on an Irma La Douce record ‘Suono Moderni’

baluba shake


Two tracks now from the recently released Ciao Bella compile of Italian beat girls. The first is Mina who has put out heaps of records from the late 50s until now. She is one Italy’s most popular singers. This belter was first released in 1967. Next up we have Brunetta and a track first released in 1965. I wish I had an original of this song, however at around £200 a copy, my budget don’t stretch that far. So we will have to live with the Ciao Bella version!


And we finish the wonderful Francoise Hardy and her Gainsbourg penned track from the 1969 self titled record. This is a great LP and well worth tracking down and as this amazing chanteuse lets a few small sparks of the psych surrounding her sneak into the music

Well that its for a another show. Hope you enjoy it, tell your friends, share the link, facebook the URL and tweet the hell out of the thing. See you in a month for the end of summer show!

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