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Jacques Dutronc

Of all the French artists. He is almost like a sixties version of a younger rat pack member. Dutronc is very poorly served by re-issues. But one day it will come!

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France Gall

She won Eurovision in 1965 with her song Poupée de cire, poupée de son representing Luxembourg! France Gall has a very successful career to this day , including a duet with Elton John in 1978 (in French!)

I love France Gall’s voice. It is sweet and mature even when she was 16. You can’t go past her for a joyous French vocalist. And of course, it was her who gave us the name, Babypop!

For a good biography
For a great start to France Gall Music

Michel Polnareff

If you ask DJ Kurac, he will tell you that Polnareff is the greatest singer of all time. You ask most French people they will say he is the man responsible for showing his butt live on stage. You ask people in LA about him and they will talk about the snake breeder. Whatever he does Polnareff is weird and compulsive in one blow.

His iconic sunglasses are almost as unique as Heino (but that is another story entirely)


What a great selection of the Polnareff magic 7559113-1282661

A great comprehensive guide to buying French releases was put together by the wonderful Pink Frankenstein, the auteur behind Bardot a–go-go, a great sixties French club in San Francisco. He is putting a movie together about French pop of the sixties. Say hi from us!

much more to come!

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